Latte bohemia

Latte bohemia is a comic strip I made in 2019 about a diner in a made up street called Myrtleveien in Oslo.
Its still an ongoing comic, but I had a break for a year to improve my art and writing.
What inspired the comic was the phenomena of ‘Latte-people’ or more specifically ”lattefolk” which is used around as a way to describe the modern Oslo-dwellers.
There’s also the typical boheme life some live there, its a rich artist enviroment and known that millenials struggle for survival, having to do a part time job on the side of doing what they really want to.
To follow that theme, Lattebohemen takes place in a diner along with broken dreams and a ”i dont care anymore” attitude coming from the failed artist and person in charge; Hallgrimur Leifurson.
His younger and more promising staff which still cling to the power of hope , does what they can hoping the diner will reach its full potential- but its easier said than done when you’re under a boss who acts like a giant manbaby.

Currently these comics are in Norwegian, i’m going to add english later, meanwhile, if you’re very curious and cant wait, you can read it in english on my instagram.

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